Middleport's Valued Neighbor

FMC’s History and Heritage in Middleport FMC has always been an active member of the Middleport community, sharing connections through both our business operations and through support of our schools, library, local service clubs, emergency responders, community programs and by addressing concerns.

Examples of this support include FMC’s donations through the years of equipment, training programs and/or funds to beautify and promote the Village, keep library programs running, respond to concerns related to FMC’s environmental program, help train local emergency responders and inform neighbors about the FMC Middleport plant. Long-time Middleport residents know that FMC is more than an employer providing well-paying jobs and contributing to the local economy.

Community Involvement

FMC focuses its involvement on four public commitment areas: Safety, Operational Transparency, Community Leadership and Community Partnership. With these, we target supporting the community in the areas of Health and Human Services, Education and Science, Environment and Conservation and Arts and Culture.

In this regard, among the many community organizations we support are:

  • United Way
  • American Red Cross
  • Royalton-Hartland Library
  • Royalton-Hartland Central School District
  • Middleport Fire Department
  • Middleport Area Tourism and Beautification Committee
  • Gasport Lions
  • Royalton-Hartland Business and Professional Association
  • Middleport Food Pantry


Please see FMC Middleport’s “Cultivating Community” brochure.

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