Environmental Initiatives / Remedial Projects
2008 Projects

FMC, in cooperation with the government regulatory Agencies, has completed remedial work performed on some defined areas north of the plant site, including a small section of a vacant wooded lot (the Coe property) that could not be remediated in 2007, two residential properties on Park Avenue, and a portion of FMC-owned property in the northwest part of the plant site immediately south of the railroad tracks.

An engineered cover was installed over a section of the FMC-owned railroad property inside the FMC plant’s property boundary. The cover installation itself began in September.

The removal of impacted soil, backfilling and construction of a soil cover on a portion of the wooded property not remediated as planned during the 2007 Early Actions projects has now been completed. This work was not conducted in 2007 as originally planned due to the presence of a root zone from a large tree on a neighboring property, and the potential to destroy that tree. This tree otherwise fell earlier this year during a winter storm.

Removal of primarily shallow soils on two residential properties on the south side of Park Avenue (46 and 48), backfilling and restoration of the properties began in early September and has also been completed.

A Project Bulletin detailing the work, health and safety measures and the overall project timetable was mailed to all Royalton-Hartland School District residents prior to any work commencing.

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