FMC Document Access

To view documents related to environmental activities at the FMC plant, visit the FMC document repository on the second floor of the Royalton Hartland Community Library at 9 S. Vernon St. in Middleport.

Documents are also available at the FMC Community Office at 8 S. Vernon St. office in Middleport or through the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s website at

FMC is committed to addressing concerns related to our plant and environmental issues and we welcome your questions. Please visit or contact us at our 8 S. Vernon St. Community Office at (716) 735-9769.

Previous remediation studies and past remedial construction projects can be accessed as drop down items under the Document Repository tab.

Quick Links

Overview of Middleport Environmental Remediation Program
New Order on Consent – June 2019
Previous Administrative Order on Consent (AOC) – 1991 to June 2019
Final Statement of Basis for OUs 2,4,5 – May 2013

Operable Units (OU)

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