FMC’s Agricultural Solutions plant in Middleport recently conducted a Community Drill with area First Responders and FMC’s Emergency Response Team and Maintenance Department.

Among First Responders attending were those from the Middleport Fire Department, Middleport Police Department, Niagara County Hazmat Team, and Niagara Falls Air Reserve Base.

“The Community Drill was an excellent opportunity for FMC and local First Responders to update our preparedness in the event of an emergency with the goal of ensuring the safety of our plant employees and surrounding neighbors,” said Dr. Roberta Kloda, Environmental, Health and Safety manager for the FMC Middleport Plant and coordinator of the drill.

During the drill, First Responders received an overview of FMC plant operations, products and environmental practices and policies and then toured the facility with FMC’s Emergency Response Team and Maintenance Department. Attendees also participated in safety presentations and an interactive, digital firefighting training program.

FMC Middleport Hosts Local First Responders for Community Drill. The FMC Middleport Plant conducts a Community Drill to update emergency preparedness with First Responders. Participating (from left to right) are: Mike Crosby, FMC Emergency Response Team (ERT) member; Archie Ames, FMC ERT member; Zachary Weneck, Niagara Falls Air Reserve Base firefighter; Carolyn Joldos, FMC quality supervisor; Ryan Czaja, assistant chief Middleport Fire Department; Dr. Roberta Kloda, FMC Plant Environmental, Health and Safety manager; and Edward Eifert, president of Niagara County Hazmat Team.