On February 10, 2015, Ogden Holding Co. Inc., the owner of the Old Mill Mobile Home Park (OMMHP) in Middleport, NY, announced its intention to close the mobile home park and to sell the property to FMC Corporation. This decision was made after extensive discussions between FMC and Ogden Holding, in light of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s (NYSDEC’s) request that FMC evaluate possible interim remediation for the property.

In September 2014, NYSDEC directed FMC to consider interim remedial options for the mobile home park based on the residential use of the property and soil samples showing elevated arsenic levels.

Representatives from FMC, NYSDEC, and the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) spoke with Old Mill Mobile Home Park residents on November 13, 2014 about NYSDEC’s direction to FMC at the mobile home park, including FMC’s review of possible scenarios for addressing contaminated soil at the property. Throughout the process, FMC has been and continues to be committed to working in a manner that is respectful of those living in the neighborhood, as well as working with the agencies to follow all laws and regulations.

During FMC’s consideration of remedial options, FMC determined remediation and reconstruction of the park would likely take years to complete and could result in significant disruption to the mobile home park and its residents and complications arising from the property’s location within a floodplain. Accordingly, it was determined that operation of the mobile home park is no longer feasible without material disruption and uncertainty to its residents, and Ogden Holding and FMC entered into an agreement of sale for the property. FMC also announced that it will be providing help to relocate park residents.

FMC attended the meeting with park residents on February 10, 2015, during which Ogden Holding made its announcement. FMC informed residents that it is offering a Mobile Home Park Relocation Assistance Program to all residents to help find and transition to new housing.

The Relocation Assistance Program will provide residents with help to identify and move to new housing. The program will provide reimbursement of relocation expenses and will ensure mobile home owners receive fair market value for their homes. FMC will be focused in the coming months on assisting residents in this transition.

While difficult, the decision by Ogden Holding to close the mobile home park represents the least disruptive alternative for its residents, and the Relocation Assistance Program is intended to minimize the difficulties of this relocation on the park residents.