On Saturday, April 22, 2023, members of the FMC team were proud to pitch in and support the efforts of the Middleport Beautification Committee during the Committee’s Canal Clean Sweep.  Together with other volunteers, they removed a great deal of debris from the canal – an important step in keeping it a place that Middleport residents and visitors can enjoy, particularly as the weather continues to improve.

Pictured here (l-r): FMC employees Kathy Krawitz, George Richards, Victoria Kazmierczak, Rick Russell and Joshua Walker prepare to begin the “Canal Clean Sweep”.


Pictured here (l-r): FMC employees Victoria Kazmierczak, Joshua Walker and Kathy Krawitz head down to the canal to begin the “Clean Sweep.”


Pictured here (l-r): FMC employees Victoria Kazmierczak and Kathy Krawitz gather up and dispose of debris during the “Canal Clean Sweep.”


Pictured here: FMC employee Kathy Krawitz gathers up debris along the banks of the canal during the “Canal Clean Sweep.”